Welcome to Keystrokes Training, a very innovative and customer driven training provider, with quality service at the heart of it’s operation. Keystrokes Training is built on passion, creativity and excellence, with customer focused training solutions at the centre of all training provisions. It is the aim of Keystrokes Training to endeavour to fulfil all customer aims and objectives, which in turn will lead to full customer satisfaction.

The training video below, provides a full insight into Keystrokes Training and the training methods adopted by the trainer Richard Giles Walters.

Training offered by Keystrokes

Keystrokes is a dynamic training company established in 2008. The company trainer Richard Walters is a qualified teacher with 8 years training experience. Keystrokes offers Information Technology (IT, ICT), Train the trainer – Non-Accredited/Accredited (Education and Training Level 3) , and is very proud to deliver training to a very high standard using a variety of teaching techniques including:

Student Centred Training

Unlike many other training companies who offer Teacher Centred Training, where delegates follow the trainers demonstration by watching the trainer and not actively participating in the demonstration, Keystrokes offers Student Centred training, where all delegates are actively involved in  training demonstrations and use the same information the trainer is delivering. All delegates are actively involved in the demonstrations and are asked for their input in demonstrations to encourage thought provoking discussion. Many teaching books and courses recommend Student Centred training, as the best method of teaching to help delegates retain information.


This is a teaching technique used to ensure all delegates attending training are challenged and provided with guidance during the courses delivered by Keystrokes. Before all courses questions are asked of delegates, about their requirements so the course can be tailored for all delegate needs.  All delegates are fully included in the training delivered by Keystrokes, and more advanced delegates are challenged if they complete exercise material early.

Planning and Resource Management

Planning is the “Bedrock” for all good courses, and all courses delivered by Keystrokes are planned meticulously. By spending time planning, resources are produced to an exceptional standard and this enhances the training experience of a delegate.  Resources used during courses include, exercise material booklets, and laminate examples for demonstration purposes.

All training provided by Keystrokes can be tailored to a companies’ or individuals need.

“AD Hoc” training can be provided, by request.

The Keystrokes trainer is a Microsoft Office Expert Trainer, ECDL Expert and a member of the Institute for IT Training.

September 2019