Non – Accredited IT Training

IT Training is an essential part of workforce development and there may be a requirement to develop some new Microsoft Office skills to undertake a work based task or to support the development of work based IT skills. Petals training can support the development of workforce MS Office IT skills through onsite training or training at one of our training venues.


MS Office IT Training will enable candidates to become more confident in the use of MS Office applications i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project. With regular practice of the skills delivered during the training, candidates will save time in undertaking routine IT tasks and they will become far more self sufficient in the use of IT. An investment in IT Training will lead to efficiency time savings in the work place and lead to a more self reliant and motivated workforce.


  • Word Processing including document creation, formatting documents and mail merge.
  • Spreadsheets including formula creation, use of charts, manipulation of data and spreadsheet automation.
  • Presentations including the creation of a presentation, designing a presentation, manipulating and formatting a presentation.
  • Databases including setting up a database and managing a database through the use of input masks, data validation queries and calculation queries.
  • E-mail Management including the use of e-mails, creation of folders, managing meetings and managing contacts.
  • Project Management control through project setup, links, constraints and manipulation

Microsoft Office Application Training

microsoft access training

Microsoft Access

Learn to create and plan a database, use queries, reports, forms, macros and much more …….

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 microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel

Learn to create and plan a spreadsheet, create formulas, use functions, add filters, create and amend conditional formatting, use named ranges, create and amend charts, create and amend Pivot Tables and much more ……

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microsoft outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Learn to create and manage e-mails, manage meetings and contacts, use mail merge to send e-mails  and much more ……

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microsoft powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn to create and plan a presentation, insert and amend slides, format slides, add transitions and animations, create organisational charts and much more ……

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Project Logo

Microsoft Project

Learn to create and plan a project, link tasks, add constraints, update a project, manage sub projects and much more ……

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microsoft word

Microsoft Word

Learn to create and format a document, use sections, create newsletters using columns, insert and update tables, create tabs, use mail merge and much more ……

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Training can also be deliver in Microsoft Visio, SharePoint and Publisher. Contact Keystrokes Training for a quote on delivering Non – Accredited IT Training to meet your organisational or individual needs.

June 2019